Sunday, 12 May 2013

Improvers Navigation Day 2

Yesterday's weather was not as bad as forecast and so Brian, Helen and I set out with optimism for the southern flanks of Goatfell this morning despite a forecast of strong winds and heavy rain.  In the event, the rain fell as predicted, but the winds were not so bad.  More importantly, the poor visibility gave us a chance to practice navigation techniques in a real situation with very challenging conditions. We looked at following bearings on difficult terrain, and a range of relocation strategies, using the featureless shape of Glenshant Hill and the steep ridge and coire above.  The conditions also gave us a chance to look at the wider issues associated with hillwalking in bad conditions, such as equipment, both personal and group, plus river hazards.

Yes, it really was wet!

The burn from Coire nan Meann, normally a lively burn, today a roaring torrent

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