Monday, 20 May 2013

Arran Mountain Festival: Holy Isle

Yesterday I was on the lovely island of Holy Isle, volunteering for the Arran Mountain Festival, and working alongside Andrew Binnie from the Comunity of Arran Seabed Trust.  We were there to enjoy a walk over the top of the island, and along the shore, enjoying the wildlife and learning more about COAST's ambitions project for marine conservation and a South Arran Marine Protected Area.
The day dawned damp and misty, but we crossed Lamlash bay on the Holy Isle Ferry in a flat calm. The climb to the summit of Mullach Mor (314m)  is a fairly steep one but is thankfully over pretty quickly.  Following this is a steep rocky descent to the south end of the island and a leisurely stroll back along the shore to the slipway. Wildlife highlights included lots of coastal wildlife including oystercatchers and common gulls nesting close to the path (please take care), as well as kestrel and peregrine falcons tousling together in the sky above.

The Holy Isle Project has a lovely new welcome sign at the slipway.

Chatting with Andrew from COAST on the summit of Mullach Beag.

Mist clearing from the summit of Mullach Mor

Team photo

The Holy Isle walk has a bit of everything, including art appreciation.

Green Tara

Exploring the intertidal habitats on the shore of Holy Isle.

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