Thursday, 27 June 2013


I lost a new friend this week.  He was someone that I barely knew, a fellow wanderer, with whom I shared two short work expeditions before he died suddenly, doing what he loved, on the hill. I don't wish to say much about this loss, he has dear friends and family who will be grieving deeply.  However, it did stop me in my tracks and make me think about what I'm doing, working away from home so much, "living life to the full" but missing out on the love of the people nearest to me, and the chance to return it.
I've lived my life without compromise.  I have cared little for financial gain, followed my dreams, and tried to live each moment to the full,  hitting that old cliche on the nose- "as if it was my last".  And yet in doing so it has meant that I have missed out on raising a family, and spent long weeks away from home. People envy me, my drive, my luck, my dream job, and everyone understands why I do it. But when someone I knew was taken from the world without warning this week, the only place I wanted to be was home.


Mike said...

Hi Lucy,

sorry for your loss :(

You're a daily inspiration to the rest of us leading a normal life, and this has to count for something!

And also, the grass is always greener on the other side :)

Will have to visit you on Arran! :)

Will Herman said...

Hi Lucy,

We make many sacrifices to live the lives we do. Family, friends, relationships - all are affected. Yet you do what you do, because it is right for you.

It is not luck that you have seen and experienced all that you have - you make these things happen - but you also make sacrifices.

It can be lonely, following a different path. And events like this can hit hard, asking unanswerable questions.

The only answer, is to stay on your path, follow your dream - find the balance that feels right for you.

And paddle that boat a bit more!
Best wishes

Lucy Wallace said...

Thanks Will and Mike. You have hit the nail on the head.... I definitely need to get out in the boat more. I'm also enjoying a bit of much needed Lucy time on Arran this week.