Monday, 8 July 2013

Skipness, porposies, basking shark

A bit of speed blogging here.  I've a boat to catch in 15 mins!
Yesterday Wally and I paddled to Skipness for a delicious lunch at the seafood cabin.  It was a magic day, and on the way back we were treated to a swim-past by a pod of porpoises.  They came so close we could here their powerful breaths as they broke the surface and see their dark bodies under the water. Then, as if that wasn't enough, a close (too close) encounter with a basking shark in Loch Ranza.  The huge pankton eating fish seemed completely oblivious to our presence and swam right in to us.  Evasive action needed!

Tall ship "Thalassa"  in Lochranza
Barely a ripple on the water.
Looking back to Arran from Skipness
A bit underwhelming, but some photos of Jaws
Jaws, coming for us.....

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