Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Sleeping Warrior's Long Lie

With an improving forecast, Jude, Brian, Andrew and I decided to leave it late before setting off to do the North Glen Sannox Horseshoe, including a traverse of the famous Sleeping Warrior and the Witches Step. Despite our long lie, the mist hung low in the coire as we set off. The recent dry weather made for an easy crossing of the river and ascent of the boggy hillsides of Sail an Im, but the ridge above was disappointingly clagged-in and damp. What should normally be a glorious walk to the summit of Caisteal Abhail was soggy and cold with limited views, a bit of a shock after the recent heatwave.  Ever the optimist, I kept hoping for the promised break in the clouds- and eventually it came, as we began to negotiate the difficulties on the Warrior.  We lingered, enjoying the views, and let the rock dry before completing the traverse in perfect conditions.  Worth the wait!

Atmospheric but a little damp.


And after!

Descending in to the Witches Step

Stunning views over the saddle and in to Glen Rosa

Isles of Bute and the Cumbries visible in the distance

The profile of the Warrior, slumbering since the ice age.


Nicole McMahon said...

Great Blog post! I was enjoying the beaches on the Ayr coastline, witnessing the terrible patches of cloud descending down from the Arran hills. I'm glad you got sunshine to enjoy your climbs!!

I must make it over to climb one day.

Lucy Wallace said...

Hi Nicole, we saw the Ayrshire coast basking in sunshine you lucky thing!