Sunday, 21 July 2013

Lamlash to Sliddery by sea kayak

As Britain basks in a heatwave, Arran has been sweltering too. Yesterday seemed too hot for any land based activities, so Wally and I took to the water in our sea kayaks and paddled from Lamlash to Sliddery for a family supper- a distance of about 24km. It was long hot day's work, with mostly calm and mirror like conditions- a bit of a headwind at Bennan and some interesting swell as we came past Kilmory and the Cleats Shore. Wally did a bit of fishing around the south end and was rewarded for his efforts with five mackerel to contribute to the feast that evening.

Leaving Lamlash Bay, we were joined by a pod of porpoises.

A chilled out rest spot near Largybeg.

Glassy water around Pladda Isle

The dramatic Black Cave at Bennan Head

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