Saturday, 15 June 2013


What do you do when you have a day on Arran between expeditions, you are tired, and the sun is beating down from a cloudless sky?  Get on the water, thats what! This was last Saturday, back from a Gold DofE Exped in Glenshee, and just before a Silver in the Kinlochleven area. Time to rest the legs, chill out, and relax in my sea kayak.  Wally and I paddled around Holy Isle at a leisurely pace, took in the sights, and were back at home in time for dinner and for me to catch the last ferry off the island.

Making for the Inner Lighthouse opposite Kings Cross
Moon jellyfish drifts past.
Looking back towards Arran's hills, basking in the sunlight.
The Inner Lighthouse keepers cottages, home to a closed Buddhist retreat.
Rounding the southern end of Holy Isle
Pasing the Outer Lighthouse

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lroo22 said...

damn but that looks like a great day