Saturday, 11 May 2013

Improvers Navigation Day 1

There's been a break in transmissions on the blog recently as its been a busy few weeks with lots of work both indoors (I'm writing for Outdoor Enthusiast Magazine) and outdoors doing the usual wildlife watching, DofE expeditions, plus over the last couple of weeks, lots of John Muir Award Residentials. I'm delighted to be back on Arran this weekend and even better, on the hill, doing an Improvers Navigation course with Helen and Brian. Today was day 1 and we headed up to Coire Fhionn Lochain to look at on-path navigation, contours, map features and timing.  We then ventured off road and had fun in the bog with our compasses, finding lochains and stream junctions. The weather was pretty rubbish, with strong winds and rain on and off all day.  Unfortunately it didn't grace us with bad visibility which would have been useful for the nav practice, but this meant we got some stonking views despite the weather, hooray!

Looking east towards the Goatfell range from the bealach above the Lochain

Helen and Brian did a great job of staying chipper in some chilly squalls.

Now where is that pesky stream junction?

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