Thursday, 22 January 2015

Ski Arran

Hen's Teeth..... Tigers in Africa..... Snow days on Arran are pretty rare, and ptarmigan sightings are even more elusive.  With tales of bottomless snow drifts on the hill and also a reliable ptarmigan report, Wally and I met up with Zabdi from Flying Fever this morning and donned our skis at the top of the String...

Skinning across the plateau towards Beinn Nuis

Not Ptarmigan- Red Grouse.  Close... but...
Once we had crossed the plateau, Wally and Zabdi played around on their skis in the deeper steeper stuff, while I went for a sprackle amongst the rocks to see if I could find any evidence of ptarmigan.  No joy unfortunately but it was really just an excuse to get out....  On the way back I fell in every drainage ditch I could find and face planted every 100m or so.  Skiing is hard...and I have a lot to learn.

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