Monday, 26 January 2015

41 Things

I must be having a midlife crisis. Not only have I signed up to some crazy internet fitness thing (Jantastic), but I just wrote a list. Not a bucket list exactly, but definitely a list.  Last year I turned 40.  It was an improbable birthday, I saw it as an achievement just getting there, and to celebrate I went climbing in Morocco with Wally.  At the time, that seemed like enough, but friends asked me if I had a list of things for my 40th year, as this seems to be all the rage with milestone birthdays....and initially I recoiled at the thought.  Bucket lists have always seemed a bit greedy, tick lists a little anal. Don't get me wrong, I seek adventure and set myself targets, but I'm not a list maker. Until this morning. When, on a whim, I asked myself, if I had 40 things I'd like to do this year, what would they be? And I wrote a list...just for fun you understand....  Then  I added one more  because technically this is my 41st year...

And I thought- why not try and do some of these? Can I achieve all of them? The list is pretty long, but not everything on it is huge- but there are some things on there that feel massive, and it probably won't be possible to fit them all in to a busy year.  But I'm going to have fun trying. The rules are that it has to be done in 2015.. so I'd better get cracking as I've missed a month already.

The Jantastic thing is ticking along, and so far I've not regretted signing up, although I had a wobble last week when I struggled to fit bike rides in amongst big hill days.  Yesterday I had a miserable and short box-ticking ride in the Pentlands, just to make my minimum for the week.  Today I remembered what it was all about and grabbed a couple of hours in the sun on my bike up in the hills. It was great to put in a few km and spinning my legs felt easy. Next month Jantastic ramps it up with some minimum workout distances.  I'm preparing for some longer rides and looking forward to a bit more daylight to do them.


Michael Ubben said...

I do number 11 too!. 35 is ion my list as well but prob. not this year. 41 is the best!

Lucy Wallace said...

Going to have to do 41 last as it will probably get in the way of a few others! I struggle to do 11... No time and fewer brain cells left. Going to make an effort this year.