Monday, 26 August 2013

Ben Nevis Weekend

This weekend I was working for Walkabout Scotland in Lochaber, with a guided Ben Nevis day on Saturday, followed by a blissful leg-stretcher in Glen Nevis before heading south on Sunday.

The hoards in the mist on the summit.
There were the usual shenanigans on The Ben,  with poor visibility, jeans and plimsolls, rhinoceros outfits and even a brass band (see BBC report here). If you've not climbed it before and are thinking about it, don't be lured in to a false sense of security by the zillions of under equipped folk that climb it with you.  I'm constantly amazed and relieved that the majority of people make it down tired but happy without calling on the Lochaber MRT volunteers for help. Its a dangerous mountain, and should be treated with respect.

As we descended, the mist lifted and gave us a great view to the south west.
Sunday's walk up Glen Nevis was a stunner.  We started from the lower falls carpark and took the path on the south side of the glen, joining the road for a short section.

Glen Nevis
The highlight of the walk is the lovely Steall Meadow and enormous waterfall that dominates the upper glen beyond the Steall Gorge. 

Entering the Steall Meadow with the main falls beyond.

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