Friday, 25 March 2011

A' Chir Rock

Winter must be over properly (in my head) as this week I have started thinking about rock again. It was a gorgeous day today and this morning we were so excited about getting out in the hills we practically bounced down Glen Rosa. It's still quite cold in the wind, too cold for a softy like me to stand around on a cold belay, so we opted for the A' Chir Ridge, an easy rock climb or hard scramble that hangs between Beinn Tarsuinn and Cir Mhor.

Looking up Glen Rosa towards Cir Mhor. 

The South Face of Cir Mhor.  The classic route Souwester Slabs (v diff) takes the easiest line up this face. 

On the Bealach between Cir Mhor and A' Chir

 Looking towards the impenetrable face of the first major difficulties.  The route involves beaching yourself on a shelf that runs diagonally up the face. 

The comment at this point was "Well I'm not caving fit".....

Out of the trench and back up on the ridge. There is a small step across the void here. 

Fabulous views across Glen Rosa to Goat Fell.

Looking back to Cir Mhor and over The Saddle from the slopes of Beinn a Chliabhain on our way back down to the Glen.

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newhey said...

Cracking pictures of A Chir. I had a wonderful night bivi up on the summit a couple of years ago, must do it again this year.