Monday, 14 March 2011

Goatfell half hour photo experiment

Todays weather wasn't really the sort that inspires you to climb a mountain that you have been up countless times before, but in the spirit of getting my fitness back after megaflu, I thought it would be a good idea to bundle up Goatfell this afternoon and give the lungs some air. To make it more interesting, and to force myself to take photos on a walk that I do all the time on a day when there wasn't much to photograph, I set myself some rules. Stop every half hour, and take a photo. Doesn't matter what it is, but try and find something interesting. I lost the game immediately, because I forgot to take a photo at the start. Here are the rest:

1420: Half an hour in, and this is a photo of Maol Don, taken at a height of about 300m. Great views of soaring Buzzards here.

1450: I am at 500m, in the snow now, and admiring the sun trying to force its way through the clag. 

1520: 650m. The mist is pretty oppressive now so I concentrate on things nearer.  This is prostrate juniper- a creeping form of Juniper found on sunny south facing slopes above 500m. 

1550: 750m and climbing.  I'm wading through deep snow drifts here looking for the path!

1610: 874m and I cheated a bit here as this is not my half hour picture, but we all like summit photos. 

1620: 800m Still not much of a view, so here is a close up of some crusty ice feathers forming on the heather. 

1650: 600m. This ring of ice fell off the bottom of my trekking pole. 

1720: 350m At last! A view. :-)

1750: 80m Final photo is very disappointing... Apologies for the anticlimax!

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