Thursday, 10 February 2011

Navigation Bogfest

A bright sunny day is not the ideal one to choose for a bit of navigation practice, and nor is the moor above the Ross Rd the best place to be after heavy rain. Nevertheless, the relentless expanse of gently undulating heather moor, criss-crossed by boggy troughs, made for suitably challenging navigation conditions in any weather.

 Wally points the way. Photo Kirstie Smith

We set off from the top of the Ross Rd, and had a great time navving from point to point.  We quickly figured out that spot heights up there are pretty arbitrary. You have to get heavily in to contours and stream junctions and even they are intangible sometimes. All good fun however, and all good practice.  We may well be up there in the dark some time soon for a night nav excercise.

Looking for a distinct wiggly contour in a mess of indistinct wiggly contours. Photo Kirstie Smith

 A grim fate awaits if you get lost and fall in a bog
Eventually we saw a way out down Benlister Glen!

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