Saturday, 29 November 2008

Winter has set in, at least for a while....

The whole of the UK seems gripped by freezing temperatures and Arran is no exception. A fair dump of snow in the hills on Thursday evening meant that we were able to get out and enjoy some winter conditions on Friday. I was able to test my new lightweight walking crampons on Cioch na h Oighe, a grade 1 scramble made more interesting by being plastered with snow and ice. (A birthday present-thanks Wally for my superlight feet!). Unfortunately my camera has gone awol and I am reliant on these pictures taken Wally on his mobile. Apologies for the quality but you get the picture. Winter afficionados will want to know whether the turf was frozen and if there was much ice- it wasn't and the ice was restricted to verglassed slabs. However, last night we had a huge dump of snow down to sea level and sub-freezing temperatures tonight so I would hope that ice will be starting to form in north facing corries here on Arran as elsewhere. It is set to be cold for several more days yet so hopefully will be able to get out and about a bit more next week (and maybe I'll find my camera).

The picture opposite was Lamlash this morning. Since it was taken another 2 inches fell during the day. It is very pretty but the road between here and Brodick was closed for much of the day which caused a few problems.... Sadly meant I didn't get out to play properly although I lobbed a few snowballs for my kitten who seemed a bit confused by all the snow.

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Anonymous said...


I saw you on TV today: nice job and beautiful country.
I would like to go to Arran a day.
I am now a new reader of your blog.

Bye and happy new year.
Fom France, west coast.