Friday, 20 February 2015

Beached Bird Survey 2015

After last year's distressing Beached Bird Survey, I was apprehensive about returning to the beach this year to record washed up birds. In 2014, I made my own small contribution to recording a tragedy, a wreck of razorbills and other auks. You can read the shocking results of the RSPB's national survey here.

Catacol Bay
This year, I'm happy to report that I found no dead birds on my 9km stretch of beach. It's not all good news, as there was a lot of washed up plastic, and of course my records are just a tiny part of a big and complicated picture.  However, I'm a happier person than I was this time last year.... not least because I saw plenty of wildlife on the shore, including an otter fishing in Catacol Bay, and fulmars chuntering to each other on wooded cliffs between Lochranza and Pirnmill.

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