Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Girls Night Out

Night Navigation is an aspect of the Mountain Leader assessment that strikes fear in to the heart of even the most competent navigators. For me, it evokes memories of stormy nights, cold hands and cold brain, struggling to come to terms with little visibility and unpleasant conditions. On learning that some of my friends are looking to gain some experience at night nav, and knowing this is an area I want to work on for myself, we set up a girls Night Nav Club, with the aim of getting together regularly for non threatening forays in to the hills after dark.  This was our second adventure, and as you can see from the photos taken by my friend Kirstie Smith, the weather was not pleasant! Kirstie is an amateur photographer, and although she didn't risk her good camera on this trip she takes a nice photo.  You can view and purchase some of her best work on her website:

 Thats me setting off in to the gloom. "Night Nav" tends to involve falling in to bogs.

Wrestling with maps and compasses while fully be-gloved is all part of the skill set of a competent navigator...

All four of us hiding behind a big blob of rain!

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