Friday, 22 April 2011

Intensely Beautiful: Kayaking from Kildonan

I'm reassuringly behind on the blogging here which means that I am out and about having fun.  Here are some fantastic photos that my husband took whilst we were in our kayaks around Kildonan on Monday evening. We set off from the grassy slip way down to the beach opposite the village hall, and struck out east towards Bennan Head.  Almost immediately we were joined by a flotilla of curious harbour seals who followed us for a kilmoetre down the coast.

 I am surrounded!

Getting a good look at us. 

The tide was dropping and we drifted along the coast through forests of kelp and watched the nesting birds on the cliffs above in the haze. 

The Black cave looks like something from a film set, with a stunning waterfall on the west side. It is accessible on foot close to low tide but the path is very rough and bouldery (read non existant).

There are nesting fulmars on the cliffs above and it was the perfect place for little stop and a gaze...

After the Black Cave, we paddled over to the little island of Pladda, uninhabited now except for a large colony of seabirds including shags, eiders and common gulls that nest along the rocky shore. 

With so many birds about, landing was impossible, but it was good to sit and watch the comings and goings on the island from the little bay on the east side.

Glassy water, no wind, perfect for draw stroke practice. 

We headed back to the Kildonan Shore as the sun began to set. 

Couldn't leave this wee razorbill enjoying the warmth of the setting sun out of the album.  Love these birds!

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