Friday, 11 June 2010


We have just returned from a fantastic road trip across Europe in our new camper.  Our destination was Slovenia, one of the Alp's best kept secrets.  The country did not disappoint, with towering spires of limestone, crystal blue rivers and lakes, a gentle climate and friendly people. Its just such a shame its so far away- but perhaps that is a good thing as the area was very unspoilt and not expensive.
I'll not bore you with a blow by blow account of the trip but I hope you enjoy some photos from the holiday. We plan to go back another year- late May was a little early for the via ferrata that we were looking forward to trying.  Too much snow high up.  Our next visit will be later in the season and hopefully we will tackle some of the higher peaks in the area.

Mala Mojstovka is one of the more accessible peaks from the Vrsic Pass.

Fantastic view of Jalovec from the col by Mala Mojstovka

Alpine chough- common birds of the summits and high passes. 

Fire salamander- doing it's best impression of a plastic toy dinosaur.

Wild hellebores are common in the higher forest clearings and meadows.

Birds nest orchid- seems to grow in damp woodlands.

Crossing one of the many snow patches that made life difficult higher up- Vogel near Bohinj. 

Paddling an open boat on lake Bohinj.

Ladies slipper orchid, a woodland orchid with improbable flowers.

Typical rural scene- Bohinj in this case

Sava Bohinjka River

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