Sunday, 4 January 2009

L'ile d'Arran, un ecrin de verdure

Slightly embarrasing, but I was recently involved with french tv company TF1 News who came over to Arran to film this short excerpt about the island in winter. We had a fantastic day filming around the island and topped it off with some folk music at the Catacol Bay Hotel. The highpoint of the day for me was watching an otter fishing in Brodick Bay at sunrise, but see what you think. Apologies if you don't speak French, but you get the idea..... Click on the thumbnail screen if you have problems viewing the video.
Link to TF1.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lucy,

First best wishes to you for 2009.
I saw you on report during TF1 news and it was an enthrolling report. How beautiful the landscapes are!! I would like to come and visit the isle but for the moment i have to stay in brittany, france.
have good days and trips!

Lucy Wallace said...

Thankyou! :)
Brittany is also a wonderful place to be. You are very lucky.
Best wishes,