Sunday, 29 March 2015

Jantastic: Update

I went for my final Jantastic ride today.  True to form, it was in horrible weather that I would never have considered going out in if it weren't for some silly semi competative internet fitness thing.

This is the secret of Jantastic's success for me- I'm obviously pretty active normally- but by setting personal fitness goals that are there for all to see, with points awarded for effort, I've given myself a metaphorical carrot and stick that has pushed me out of the door when normally I'd be on the sofa. It's helped me to structure my exercise towards specific cycling goals. I've cycled hundreds of kilmoetres, set QOMs, and hurtled around singletrack. I've done a minimum of two rides a week (with one joker used), and smashed my time and distance targets.  I've deliberately sought out Arran's most brutal hill climbs.  I've toiled up glens on my mountain bike to hike remote hills. Three months ago cycling over 100km was a distant dream, but on Friday I made it a reality. Today I celebrated by taking my tired legs for a spin on Lamlash sea front testing some new SPD shoes and pedals. So there we have it, I'm no longer a sporadic fair weather cyclist. I have funny shoes and egg whisk pedals.  I even like hills.

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