Friday, 29 June 2012

Three Beinns and a Badger

Its been another busy week for me, and I'm playing catchup again....  Here are some photos from a jaunt around the Three Beinns on Monday with John and Vivian. It was a still and overcast day to start, but by the time we were descending the sun was out and a gentle breeze was dispersing the midges.
A note on route choice for this walk- I used to do the horseshoe in a clockwise direction, getting a potentially tricky river crossing at the Garbh Allt  out of the way early on.  However, recent severe erosion on the path between Beinn Tarsuinn and Consolation Tor means that I now prefer to ascend this path, in an anticlockwise direction from Beinn a Chliabhain and thus leaving the river crossing till the end of the day. It is possible if the river is in spate to cross it higher up in Coire a Bhradain, and this is often the best option- so be prepared for late extension to the day!

 On the lower slopes of the Beinn a Chliabhain ridge.

 Brodick, Lamlash and Holy Isle from the summit of Beinn a Chliabhain.

 A'Chir from the NE flank of Beinn Tarsuinn

 Beinn Tarsuinn from Beinn Nuis. 

Across Coire a Bhradain towards Beinn a Chliabhain, with Goatfell beyond. 

Surprise find- a badger print on the ridge of Beinn Nuis!  Just what it was doing up there we can only guess.

 Coire a Bhradain, and the crags of Beinn Tarsuinn.

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